Meeting with the Mayor of Narbonne and the President of the Grand Narbonne. Our two associations (Friends of Clos de la Lombarde and GRAN) met the President of the Grand Narbonne on 5  October 2017 (read the minutes of this meeting by clicking HERE) and the Mayor of Narbonne on 25 October 2017  (read the account of this meeting by clicking HERE). We have told them how much of an exceptional heritage the archaeological site of "Clos de la Lombarde" is, a rare  witness to the splendor of the ancient Narbonne, an invaluable scientific document, a potential tourist and economic  resource. We also reminded them that exposed to bad weather, it suffers, slowly but irreparably degrades if it is not  protected by permanent structures. What should be remembered from their answers? The two elected officials reaffirm their desire to see the completion of a project for the protection and enhancement of the archaeological site. The Municipality will continue to support the work of our two associations on the archaeological site. But it says it does not have the capacity to take care of this protection and development alonet. The Mayor of Narbonne explains that: - Only the Region and the future Regional Museum of the Narbonne Antique (MuRéNA) are able to carry the future of  Clos de la Lombarde. - A joint management structure for the MuRéNA and other heritage and tourism sites in the Narbonne region is being  studied and created. - The legal form of this structure would be a Local Public Society (SPL) rather than a Public Institution for Cultural  Cooperation (EPCC). - A MuRéNA operating in isolation will end in failure. - The Region hired a consulting firm in strategy and engineering in the fields of tourism, culture and innovation in order to define the best configuration and the best possible mode of operation of the MuRéNA in connection with the  economic, touristic and heritage environment of the NARBONNE region. - No one excludes the Clos de la Lombarde from this connection. The President of the Greater Narbonne hopes that the Agglomeration, the Municipality and our two associations work together to obtain that the archaeological site is involved in this connection, proposes to facilitate relations with the  Region, is willing to participate in financing for Clos de la Lombarde, whatever they may be. It emerges from these meetings that: - The City of Narbonne, although long-time lessee of the site, owned by the State, does not intend to undertake alone a project of protection and development of the site. - It is therefore necessary to convince the Region, which seems reluctant, to integrate the archaeological site into a  project at the center of which will be the MuRéNA. - Both the Mayor of Narbonne and the President of the agglomeration assure us that they will campaign for this  integration. - To facilitate ongoing negotiations, we propose to the City of Narbonne and the agglomeration, the co-financing of a  feasibility study for the development of Clos de la Lombarde. This proposal is not rejected. - From our side, we have since November 2016 made contact with the President of the Occitania Region, in September 2017 with Mrs. SALOMON, Vice-President of the Region in charge of Heritage, with Mr. CODORNIOU, Mayor of  Gruissan and now First Vice-President of the Occitan Region. The latter has just replied that he intervened with Mrs.  SALOMON to arrange a meeting with our associations. Lastly, on November 13th, we met a representative of the consulting firm appointed by the Region. We presented and visited the site and gave our explanations and arguments (see the brief we gave him by clicking HERE). We will not fail to keep you informed of the follow-up given to our efforts.