We only know the last state of this house, that of the second century our time. However, in the space D, under the  pavement, a pond  was found that was paved with large tiles with walls   in small sections. It was accessed by a staircase.  It  was connected to a water supply network and  a  sewage evacuation system. Some amphora bodies  served  as form work for small vaults. Everything  suggests  that it was a fish pond being part of one of  the  previous states of the house and abandoned  during its  last major repairs.  In its last state, the House of the Large Triclinium occupied an area of about 700 m² (7,500 sqft). Built in a U-shape, its different rooms were organized around a peristyle garden. A basin of white marble and a well feeding the house occupied this garden. On the south-north axis of this garden, a  vast  triclinium (dining room) of a surface of  87 m²  (950 sqft) opened. Its rich pavement, which has   largely survived, suggests that it  was a  sumptuous ceremonial piece  whose wall  decoration is unknown to us.    Another ceremonial piece (room A) located  in  the west wing yielded beautiful paintings   adorning the walls and the vaulted ceiling.    Two other rooms (B and C), smaller,  also  located in the west wing, were  richly decorated.    The plan of the southeast wing, which is more  spacious,  is more complex.   Excavations have found   pavements,  stucco decorations  and wall paintings decorating   corridors and rooms.  Finally, an altar, discovered in the trench the  wall   of  the facade allows us  to know the name of one of   the  owners of the domus: Marcus Claudius Aestivus.   We  do not  know anything about this character, but   the   sumptuousness of the house suggests that he   belonged to a well-to-do social class.  Model Farmer's head in marble Room Q: detail of the wall decoration (masque) Autel  dédié à Tutela par Marcus Claudius Aestivus We invite you to discover  some  pieces of the House at  Large  Triclinium that has revealed   beautiful murals and  beautiful  pavements. To do this, click on the proposed  links.  Vivier Vue générale
Pièce R : pavement aux disques de marbre