Exposed to bad weather, poorly protected against possible acts of vandalism or looting, invaded by vegetation, the "Clos de la Lombarde" deteriorates more every day. The stones burst under the effects of frost.. Aggravated by water infiltration, slabs of limestone and shale disintegrate, marble tiles peel off and break. Exposed to rain and wind, the beautiful pavements in opus spicatum are victims of the ground being washed away by rain and their surfaces are shrinking every day a little more. Somehow, volunteers try to shelter what they can. They regularly weed the excavation site. They cover with sand and pieces of sheet metal, materials made available to them by the City of NARBONNE, the surfaces that allow it. They support as much as possible the overhanging walls and floors that threaten to collapse. Some structures were able to benefit from precarious sheet metal structures. But these are only measures of pitiful means in light of should be urgently done now: cover the site to ensure its protection and sustainability. Solutions exist, the oppidum of Bibracte could benefit from them. Others can be imagined. However, whatever the chosen solution, it will have a cost and it will be substantial. The association "Friends of Clos de la Lombarde" has set itself the goal of allowing this urgent and high-priority project to move forward.