We do not know anything about its wall decorations as they have completely  disappeared. But  in light of the quality of the paintings in room A, they must have  been in line with the wealth of the owner of the house.  On the other hand, a large part of the  paving survived the materials  collectors and was still available to  us. It gives us an idea of the  organization of the room that was  divided into two parts.  The entrance was paved with slabs of black shale and white limestone. The reception area was lined with shale pavement on which the guests' beds were arranged. The central part was made of a carpet of polychrome marble tiles. These pieces of marble came from the most distant provinces of the Empire whose extent they affirmed while displaying the prosperity of the master of the place. This dining room or Triclinium (room F) is the main room of this domus. With an area of 87 m² (950 sqft), it is located in the axis of the garden onto which it opened.