As an exceptional heritage the archaeological site of Clos de la Lombarde is also of great educational interest. It opens a window on the ancient NARBONNE, it allows to discover the Gallo-Roman civilization: - architecture and organization of the urban house (domus) - urbanism - social and family organization - decorative art - the art of living in the great patrician houses... But it is also witness to great moments of Roman history: - the grandeur and decadence of the Roman Empire - the birth and triumph of Christianity Anxious to make the site known and eager to animate it, the members of our association make themselves available to teachers and their students to share their knowledge and passion. They offer guided and commented tours and activities in workshops that can illustrate the courses offered in the school and enroll in a teaching project. They adapt their speech and different activities to the age and level of the students and meet the needs of the teachers. All activities are free of charge. Guided and commented tour: 1 to 1.5 hrs depending on the audience. This visit can be completed by the presentation of the collection of ancient painted plaster of the archaeological museum of NARBONNE (guided tour and commented by a member of the association with the support of the City of NARBONNE) Presentation of a video of approx. 20 min: the excavations, the restoration of the painted coatings, the reconstitution in computer-generated images of the house with the Porticoes Initiation to the archaeological excavations: learning the activities and techniques of the excavator under the direction of the people who participated in the excavations. For the little ones, this activity is organized in a sandbox provided for this purpose. Presentation, recognition and scientific interest of archaeological findings. Students work with authentic objects discovered during excavations For the younger ones, reconstitution of reproductions of ancient painted plaster For students who prepared their text in class, theater workshop in costumes and in Latin The association, to respond more closely to their educational projects, remains at the disposal of teachers for the organization and implementation of other activities and workshops. These activities are accessible throughout the school year except during the winter period (December to March) during which many structures of the archaeological site are covered to be protected from frost and bad weather. It should be noted that during the National Days of Archeology, every year in mid-June, we reserve the whole Friday day for school audiences. To organize an outing to the Clos de la Lombarde, teachers are asked to contact the association at least one month before the proposed day to refine the content according to the availability of volunteers. To contact the association, kindly use the prospectus that you can download by clicking HERE.