Our Association intends to bring together all the volunteers sharing the same desire to preserve and value this exceptional heritage of the "Clos de la Lombarde", one of the last and only witnesses of the splendor of NARBO MARTIUS, but which deteriorates inexorably. Alone, our Association cannot do anything. It intends, within the confines of the Law, to reach its objectives in a close and friendly collaboration with the concerned local and regional authorities and the services of the State. It is independent of any group and any political party. It is open to all persons, physical or moral, who would share this same will, whatever their political, philosophical or religious views. If you share our concerns and interest in the "Clos de la Lombarde", if you wish to join your efforts to ours or simply support our activities, we invite you to join our Association: "The Friends of the Clos de la Lombarde". VYou can access the document for joining the Association by clicking HERE (PDF format PDF) or HERE (Word format) To contact the association: Mailing address: “Les Amis du Clos de la Lombarde” 28, rue Chanzy 11100 NARBONNE FRANCE Email Addresses: lesamisduclosdelalombarde@orange.fr contact@amiscloslombarde.fr To contact the President: Roland SCHMITT 2, rue Paul Albarel 11100 NARBONNE FRANCE roland.schmitt3@orange.fr +33 (0)4 68 65 50 37 +33 (0)6 72 28 58 70