This west wing room was a ceremonial room with a marble floor and  shale.  The pavement fell victim to the material collectors and has disappeared  so  that only the footprints of the slabs remain visible.    A large amount of painted plaster from the walls and vault has  been taken.    The best preserved decoration is that of the north-east wall, in  particular of  the upper zone. On a green background stands out a composition of a yellow, red or  black  architecture.  A compartment is decorated with a loutrophore.  In the center of the composition, a perfume burner adorned with two  phoenixes is suspended by a chain. From the decor of the vault we can imagine an idyllic and sacred landscape.  In  the center of a diamond-shaped caisson stands a small temple adorned  with  deer antlers. There is also a tower and a building with a portico.  From the reconstitution of the wall we can deduct the height of  the room  which was 4.42 meters (14.5 ft).  Peinture de la voûte