Avant sa restitution Découverte de la tête en marbre Tête de paysan en marbre The garden was the soul of the house that was organized around it. The Grand Triclinium, rooms A, B and C opened onto the garden that was bordered on two of its sides by a peristyle. The garden lit and ventilated these halls and rooms. It was for the master of the house, his family and his guests a haven of peace and a place of relaxation. The lawn was distributed around  a  large pool decked with marble  White.  Mediterranean plants adorned them: few  flowers but some  cypresses, oleanders,  laurels-  thyme, rose bushes, volubilis,  ivy,  iris, thyme, rosemary,  arbutus...  The well that was attached to the  basin  supplied water to the house.   Statues  and basins completed the   decor that was at the same time  sober  and harmonious. The garden seen from the street B The garden seen from room A With the help of town services ,  the Friends of the Clos de  la  Lombarde, seconded by  five  college students led by their   professor, were able to restore  the  garden of the domus.  The garden before its restitution The garden, viewed from the same angle, after its restitution During excavations,  a  precious head of a   farmer made of  white  marble was discovered   at the bottom of the  well.  Discovery of the marble head Farmer's head made of marble Après restitution (été 2014) Vu depuis la rue B (été 2014) Vu depuis la salle A